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Welcome to Catsit 30A, where your cat's comfort and well-being are our top priority. With our dedicated team of feline enthusiasts, you can trust us to provide exceptional care that exceeds your expectations.
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What We Do

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Each visit includes a fun and enriching play session, ensuring your feline friends receive the care, attention, and play they deserve.
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Care & Affection

 Our experienced team goes above and beyond to provide the nourishment, comfort, and affection your cats need while you're away.
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We only hire team members who have a passion for cats and understand the ultimate need of their owners; Peace of mind.
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Daily Updates

We regularly communicate with you, sharing updates, photos, and any important observations.
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From Inlet Beach to Santa Rosa Beach, FL
Catsit 30A

Your premier cat sitting service along the scenic 30A corridor on the Emerald Coast of Florida. We specialize in providing exceptional care for your feline companions while you're away. Our dedicated team of experienced cat sitters are passionate about cats and committed to ensuring their well-being and happiness. We offer personalized and trustworthy service, tailored to meet the unique needs of each cat. With Catsit 30A, you can have peace of mind knowing that your beloved cats are in the hands of knowledgeable professionals who will treat them like their own. Discover the purrfect experience with Catsit 30A.
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What We Offer
We Provide a Variety of Services for Your Kitty

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Why Choose Catsit 30A?
We Put Your Cat First!

While we may not be the only cat sitting service in town, we do consider ourselves to be the best! As a local family owned business, we care about our customers and the community we serve. Unlike most franchises or apps, you and your cat(s) can look forward to a high level of personal attention. We believe that there is a better alternative to leaving your cat home alone all the time. When you entrust your cat with us, they will be in very good hands.

Some of the many benefits your cat will experience with Catsit 30A include:
  • Brushing and Grooming
  • Litter Box Maintenance
  • Feeding and Hydration
  • Playtime and Exercise

Got questions? We encourage you to contact us if you're interested in learning more or scheduling an in-home Meet and Greet.
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Happy Clients


Caring Staff Members


Cat Focused
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On a Mission
To Offer Your Cat Love, Care, and Personalized Attention

Cats are not just another pet - they are regarded as a valuable member of the family. Chances are you're a busy cat owner who has to leave their furry friend home alone quite often. Instead of locking them up by themselves, you can let Catsit 30A take care of them when you are away from home.
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Love cats? Earn cash!

Are you a passionate cat lover and either retired or looking to supplement your income while doing something you truly enjoy? If so, Catsit 30A's Purrfect Partner Program might be the purrfect opportunity for you!
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Read What all The Purring is About
Happy Cat Parents

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“I have always had a wonderful experience with Catsit 30A. They a punctual and reliable. I can tell that all the staff loves cats and treat them like gold. I am very glad that I can feel comfortable dropping off my fur baby here. I highly recommend!”
— Tracey F.
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“My cats totally love the folks at Catsit 30A! They started out kitty training and have been back for occasional catsits. All the staff are friendly and pleasant to work with. My cats will even rush to greet the staff whenever they come.”
— Sheryl H.
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“My cat really loves the staff and accommodations of Catsit 30A! Although my cat has separation anxiety, she does really well when I leave her home with a sitter. The staff will even send me updates and photos whenever we are away. I could not be happier.”
— Brianna A.

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